Lesson 4.1: Safe Use of Medications

Students will determine how to use medications safely. 

This lesson is aligned with the following learning outcomes from the NL Grade 4 Health Curriculum:

  1. Relate the major functions of medicines and the importance of safe use and handling.
  2. Know that the most reliable sources of prescription drugs are doctors, nurses, and pharmacists.
  1. Identify some of the factors which affect our feelings.
  2. Identify and demonstrate communication skills during group activities. 

1. Realize that one’s decisions may affect other people.
2. Outline the steps to follow in decision making. 

Lesson Plan


Activity 1: Would You Rather?

Students are presented with two scenarios and asked to choose which scenario they would prefer. The purpose of this activity is for students to begin thinking critically about the decisions they make. This activity is available in two formats: Jamboard and Google Forms. 

FACE Decision-Making Model

For Activities 2 and 3, students will use the FACE Decision-Making Model to help guide their decision-making processes for each scenario. The Factors Influencing Decision-Making infographic may also be helpful as a reference throughout these activities. 

Activity 2: 1 Spoonful or 2?

Students are presented with a scenario involving Aaron, a child who is home sick with his older sister. 

This activity provides an opportunity for classroom discussion on medication dosage, the importance of following medication labels or instructions from a trusted adult, and safe storage of medication. This scenario has been developed in order to help lead discussion. There are accompanying activity sheets available as Google Docs and PDF.

Activity 3: Sharing Puffers
This scenario provides an opportunity to discuss the importance of not sharing medication. Leah has asthma, a condition that affects her breathing. To help manage her asthma she uses a puffer or an inhaler. Her friend Amara is curious and asks to try her puffer. This activity is available as both a Google Doc and PDF.

Activity 4: Exit Card- Safe Medication Use
This activity provides students an opportunity to apply their knowledge of safe medication use to a written scenario.