Grade 4

The DECYDE Grade 4 Program consists of a series of fully developed lessons which are intended to be taught in sequence. However individual lessons or activities can be standalone depending on timing and the needs of your class. Each lesson consists of a lesson plan, activities, answer keys and supplementary information to aid teachers in the delivery of substance use health education.

Lesson 4.1: Safe Medication Use
Students determine how to use medications safely and begin to develop their decision-making skills.

Lesson 4.2 : Non-Medical Drug Use
Students continue to work on their decision-making skills while distinguishing between medical and non medical drug use. 

Lesson 4.3: What Influences Drug Use?

Students analyze various influences related to drug use and reflect on their goals.

Refer to the following information to aid in delivery of the lessons:

  • The Skills Based Health Education (SBHE) infographic highlights the approach that should be taken in the delivery of the DECYDE materials. An emphasis should be placed on learning skills that will promote and protect student health and well-being. You can view our infographic on SBHE here.
  • The FACE Decision-Making Model should be used to guide students through their responses to scenarios within the lesson plan. You can view our infographic on the decision making model here.
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are traumatic events that occur in childhood.  Discussions around medical and non-medical drug use may be traumatic for some students. To help you consider strategies to create a learning environment where everyone feels safe, consider taking a Trauma-Informed approach. You can view our infographics on Trauma Informed Practices here and ACES here.

  • Substance Snapshots aim to provide educators with information about various drugs that are incorporated throughout the activities and discussions in the lessons.  Each snapshot summarizes how the drug is used, the different effects, when to seek emergency help, and how to stay safe. These documents are intended to support educators in their delivery of drug education and are not for direct student use unless deemed developmentally appropriate. The Substance Snapshots that are relevant for grade 4 are caffeine, nicotine, cannabis (inhaled), and alcohol. You can view the Substance Snapshots here