Lesson 4.3: What Influences Drug Use?

Students will analyze various influences that affect drug use. 


This lesson is aligned with the following learning outcomes from the NL Grade 4 Health and English Language Arts curricula:

  1. Recognize the pressures applied through advertising for brand-name health and health-related products.
  2. Analyze advertisements promoting the use of tobacco products.
  3. Identify various sources of health-related information
  1. Recognize that nicotine and caffeine are drugs.

1. Realize that one’s decisions may affect other people.
2. Outline the steps to follow in decision making. 

       7.1 analyze the intended messages in a variety of text types and forms

       7.2 respond critically to a variety of text types and forms

Lesson Plan


Activity 1: Analyzing Video Media 

As a class, students will watch and discuss two videos from different sources. The purpose of this activity is for students to think critically about the media they consume and they messages they are receiving. This activity can be found on page 6 of the document Lesson Plan 4.3

Activity 2: Analyzing Print Media

Students will analyze an energy drink advertisement and recognize the different techniques that are used to promote products, especially drug products to youth. This activity provides students with an opportunity to think critically about the media they consume and they messages they are receiving. This activity is available in both Google Docs and PDF. 

Activity 3: My Goals
This activity encourages students to reflect on their personal goals. They use the goal setting process SMART to help develop a plan to achieve a goal. This activity is available in both PDF and a Jamboard.

Activity 4: Summary Quiz (Lessons 1-3)
This Kahoot quiz contains questions related to the content in lessons 1-3 of the Grade 4 program.

Substance Snapshots

Substance Snapshots aim to provide educators with knowledge surrounding specific substances, classes of substances, and methods of consumption. These documents are intended to support educators in their delivery of drug education. They are not for direct use by elementary students. 

The substance snapshots supporting this lesson plan include: