Lesson 5.3 : Understanding the Factors that Influence Decision-Making

Students will learn about social and personal factors that impact decision-making and will continue to develop their decision-making skills with the FACE Decision-Making model.


This lesson is aligned with the following learning outcomes from the NL Grade 5 Health Curriculum:

1. Realize that alcohol is a drug (depressant)

2. Identify reasons for drinking and not drinking alcohol

3. Develop awareness of the danger of inhalants

4. Identify alternate ways to deal with personal problems

5. Identify some constructive activities to do instead of using substances

1. Identify personal interests, abilities and strengths

2. Recognize what is realistic in terms of personal achievement

1. Apply the decision-making process to daily activities

2. Examine some of the advantages and disadvantages of independent decision-making

Lesson Plan


Learning Activity 1: Influential Factors and Decision-Making

Infographic: Factors Affecting Decision-Making

Exploration: Making Smart Decisions – Scenario Cards 

Exit Reflection Card

Learning Activity 2: Making Decisions: How Would You FACE the Situation?

FACE Decision-Making Model

Scenario 1: Chatting with Coach

Scenario 2: Dakota’s New Sibling

Scenario 3: Peter and His Pop

Sharing & Reflection: Exit Reflection Card

Substance Snapshots

Substance Snapshots aim to provide educators with knowledge surrounding specific substances, classes of substances, and methods of consumption. These documents are intended to support educators in their delivery of drug education. They are not for direct use by elementary students. 

The substance snapshots supporting this lesson plan include: