Lesson 7.2: Healthy and Unhealthy Ways of Coping

Students will learn about different types of stressors and how we all react to stressors differently. Through scenario-based learning, students will examine various coping strategies and think critically about ways to cope with stressors in a healthier way.

This lesson is aligned with the following learning outcomes from the NL Grade 7 Health Curriculum:

  1. To develop strategies for dealing with negative feelings
  2. To recognize sources of stress in our lives
  3. To understand that stress could be healthy or harmful
  4. To consider positive ways of dealing with stress 
  1. To recognize the influence of peer groups 
  1. To understand that tobacco contains an addictive drug and other chemicals that affect health
  2. To identify reasons why people choose to smoke or not smoke 
  3. To be aware of the immediate and long-term effects of cigarette smoking, both physical, social, and psychological
  4. To understand the effects of secondhand and side-stream smoke
  5. To use the decision-making model with regard to tobacco use 
  6. To realize that alcohol is a drug that affects the body and has the potential for serious harm
  7. To promote and encourage appropriate health-related practices 

Lesson Plan


Learning Activity 1: Reacting to Stress

Social Emotional Learning Video About Stress – YouTube

Stressed Out! Student Activity Card

Situation 1: Jodie and Sam – The English Presentation (Student Version)

Situation 2: Jamal and Hunter – A New School (Student Version)

Situation 3: Chloé and Anton – Losing a Pet (Student Version)

Situation 4: Liam and Esme – Cancelled Plans (Student Version)

Sharing and Reflection: Stress Meter

Reflection: Stress Toolkit Activity Card

Learning Activity 2: Assessing Coping Strategies

Assessing Risk Spectrum Reference Card

Exploration: Situation 1 – Jodie and Sam: The English Presentation

Exploration: Situation 2 – Jamal and Hunter: A New School

Exploration: Situation 3 – Chloé and Anton: Losing a Pet

Exploration: Situation 4 – Liam and Esme: Cancelled Plans

Learning Activity 3: FACE-ing Stressful Situations

FACE Decision-Making Model

Factors Influencing Decision-Making Infographic

Teacher Discussion Guide: Exploration – FACE-ing Stressful Situations (Scenarios) 

Exploration: Scenario 1: Tom – Stress at Home: Will Nicotine Help?

Exploration: Scenario 2: Nadia – Managing ADHD Symptoms: Will Cannabis Help?

Exploration: Scenario 3: Taylor – Fear of Missing Out: Will Alcohol Help?

Exploration: Scenario 4: Ryan – Friday Night Fatigue: Will Caffeine Help?

Substance Snapshots

Substance Snapshots aim to provide educators with knowledge surrounding specific substances, classes of substances, and methods of consumption. These documents are intended to support educators in their delivery of drug education. They are not for direct use by elementary students. 

The substance snapshots supporting this lesson plan include: