Cannabis is a complex plant that contains several components. The main chemicals are THC (psychoactive) and CBD (calming). Cannabis can be stimulating, hallucinogenic, or cause drowsiness. It can be used for its psychoactive properties but also may be used for medical reasons (e.g., pain). 


Published: 2023

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Inhaled cannabis is heated and the smoke is inhaled into the lungs. This can be through a joint, pipe, bong, or a vape device. It can have various effects ranging from stimulation, to drowsiness. 

Published: 2023

Edible cannabis contains cannabinoids that you eat or drink. Edible cannabis takes longer to have an effect compared to inhaled cannabis, but it also lasts much longer in your body.


Published: 2023 

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Inhaling cannabis concentrates is commonly known as dabbing. Cannabis concentrates (‘dabs’) range from oils to waxes and resins. They produce a stronger high than dried cannabis.


Published: 2023 

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Synthetic cannabinoids are created in a lab to mimic the effects of natural cannabis. Compared to natural cannabis, they tend to be stronger and longer lasting, and more dangerous. 


Published: 2023 

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External Resources

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